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Welcome to Exclusive Bali Escort 100% Sexy Girl – Bali’s most established escort agency providing beautiful elite traveling companions for gentlemen traveling to or residing in Bali for hotel entertainment or dinner. Our Bali Escort Agency provides young, beautiful female escorts with a wide range of services including tour guide, dinner date and erotic massage services for the discerning client who is seeking the most exquisite and sexy Bali girls around. Exclusive Bali Escort prides itself for running oner of Bali’s most honest and efficient escort agencies and believes that only the best is good enough. An escort service which is entirely for the gentleman who is seeking to escape the usual and willing to proceed to simply the best escort services in Bali.

Bali Escort agencies are known to offer some of the best escorts in Bali Indonesian. Escort services in the region have become popular largely because of the key benefits they offer clients. Escorts are known to offer a high sense of companionship and a good time that cannot be matched elsewhere. Whether you are looking for a personal companion to keep you entertained during your stay or someone to accompany you on your business pursuits in Indonesian. Let Bali Escort With You Girl provide you with the services you require.

We are very friendly and specialize in looking after clients just like you. We will ask for a reasonable donation and after experiencing our service you will be very pleased with the service. All our escort photos are taken within 2 months. We perform health check-ups on our escorts every 3 months.

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Bali is one of more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia which makes up the largest archipelago in the world.A volcanic chain of mountains streching across the island with deep ravines and rivers.The mountains with their considerable cooler climate to the plains is the heart of farming for fruit and vegetables and many rice terraces flourish.View the spectacular rice fields which are exquisitely carved into hills and valleys sparkling with water vividly green or golden brown

Almost 85% of Balinese are hindus with Christians,Buddhists and Moslems making up the remaining 15%.Bali Hinduism is at least 3,000 years old and is an interpretation of religious ideas from china,India and java.The Balinese have strong animist beliefs and spirits dominate their daily life which include daily offerings of fruits and flowers to appease angry deities.Every village has three big temples dedicated to three manifestations of the almighty God those are ;The God of creator ( Brahma ),The God of preserver ( Wisnu ) and The God of destroyer (Ciwa ).Nomerous colorful temple ceremonies take place throughout the year.

Balinese have their own language ‘Bahasa Bali’ . Bahasa Indonesia is their National language,English is mostly understood in tourist areas The daily tempratur ranges between 23oC to 30oC,depending on the time of year,Similiar to the rest of Indonesia,there are two seasons in Bali.The rainy season from October to march and the dry season from april to September.The lowest humidity is around 60% from july to September.The best rate of exchange is from the bank.Although money changers are very competitive.Money can also be changed at your hotel reception desk but the rates are often lower than money changers.Normal banking hours are 08.30 a.m to 02.30 p.m Monday to friday and 08.30 a.m to midday an Saturday,money changers are usually open until 06.00 p.m or later.

Personal cheques are almost never accepted.The major credit cards(American Express,Dinner club,visa,master card)are generally accepted by hotels,large restaurants and shops.Restaurants and shop may ask you to pay a 3%surcharge if you want to pay by credit card. Leave your valuable belongings,tickets,passport,money in the hotel.Safety deposit boxes are avalaible in your room or at the front desk. Metered taxis can be found in or just outside your hotels,you should always ensure the meter will be used before getting into the taxi.The local public buses are called Bemo,there are no designated bus stops,you simply wave a bemo down on the street.Shout ‘stop’when you want to get off!Please remember that bemo vehicles and taxis in bali do not have passengers liability insurance.

Most hotels and restaurants add 21%tax and service charge,additional tipping is not always expected but is always appriciatted.